Thursday, November 10, 2011

Billy Crystal Hosting 2011 Oscars!

So, to recap:

  • Brett Ratner makes homophobic slur.
  • Academy and gay community get pissed off (rightfully so).
  • Ratner quits.
  • Eddie Murphy quits.
  • Brian Grazer (who produced "Tower Heist") steps in.
  • Billy Crystal comes back as host.
Alright, got all that?  Good.  Now then, all that aside, now that Billy Crystal is back on board, I'm feeling pretty good about the Oscars again.  I don't want to belittle any of the current hosts, but I truly feel that Billy Crystal and Steve Martin have made for the best modern day Oscar hosts, so this just made my day.  I would have been interested in seeing what Murphy was going to do with the show, but with Crystal back...well, I'm not so curious anymore.  *phew* Well, THAT was a mess the Academy got themselves into, but it looks like they might just pull out of it just fine now!

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